• Fire and Rescue Boots
    Fire and Rescue Boots
    Firefighter Duty Boots Fire and Rescue employers have to deal with dangerous situations in order to save lives when anyone else would be seeking to get away from the danger. Sometimes the situations are extremely hazardous, emotionally charged and fast moving. Fire and Rescue staff having the Person...
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  • Chemical safety boots
    Chemical safety boots
    Safety Boots for Chemical Industry Chemicals are used in many places and in many different ways, including in factories, laboratories, farms, offices, shops and in the home and garden. The user can be a worker in a chemical plant, a technician in a laboratory and a pest control operator, a cleaner, ...
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  • Railway Protective Footwear
    Railway Protective Footwear
    Railroad Track Worker Boots  Working out on track can be dangerous. Slips, trips and falls, electric shock are potential risks for track worker. Contact with objects large and small that might, for instance, be sharp, heavy, hot, crushing, etc. is also a railway-specific hazard. Safety footwear...
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  • Safety Shoes for Engineering Industry
    Safety Shoes for Engineering Industry
    Engineer boots Working in the engineering industry involves the use of machinery, vehicles for workplace transport, electricity, contact with oily floors in engineering workshop, and manual handling of sharp edges. Safety footwear that is with extra grip and can withstand extreme heat is essential w...
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