ESD Safety Shoes for Electronic Industries

Composite Toe Cap Static-Dissipative Work Shoe
  • Brand:

  • Standard:

    EN ISO 20345: 2011
  • Article NO.:

  • Category:

  • Upper:

    Textile/Seamless Woven Knit/Knitted Polyester
  • Inner Lining:

    Fabric Mesh
  • Impact Resistance/Toecap:

    200J Composite toe cap
  • Midsole/Penetration Resistance/Puncture Resistance:

    Composite midsole/Kevlar midsole
  • Sole:

  • Construction:

  • Size Range:

    EU: 37 - 47 | UK: 4 - 12
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Product Details
ESD Safety shoes, SF-391 is designed for the electronic components manufacturing and assembly industries

Electrical discharge is one of the ignition sources that can be effectively avoided by anti-static clothing, materials and tools.  Combined with a dissipative flooring covering, WorKWay ESD shoes avoid the electrostatic charge of the wearer.

The electrostatic discharge is caused by an imbalance of potential on charged objects or people. A human body which is not provided with an ESD-shoe can be charged up to several kilovolts (kv). This generated charge can be decreased by the use of ESD-shoes. One way to estimate the risk of electrostatic discharge is to evaluate the minimum ignition energy (MIE) of the explosive atmosphere. The MIE - measured in millijoule (mJ) – is a parameter to describe the ignition sensitivity of an explosive atmosphere. 3 kv is needed to cause a noticeable sensation to a person. This is similar to an ignition energy of 0.7 mJ. There are explosive substances, for example Benzol, that may explode at an energy of only 0.2 mJ.

If ESD footwear is used the following facts should be considered:

Effective ESD-protection is only assured by using ESD shoes in combination with an ESD-floor.

Dirt or dust on the outsole may lead to an isolating layer.

Orthopedic insoles and modifications must not affect the resistance of the shoe.

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