ESD safety shoes for Electronics industry

Aug. 30,2018

ESD Shoes and Boots

ESD shoes should be used if there is a necessity to conduct electrostatic charge away in a controlled manner through the shoes. ESD approved safety shoes and occupational shoes thus protect not only personnel, but also provide protection for components and assemblies at risk from electrostatic energy.


DIN EN 61340-5-1 “Protection of electronic components from electrostatic phenomena”. Here the person/footwear system is tested whereby a max. limit value of 35 MΩ (3.5 x 107 Ω) must be complied with. DIN EN 61340-4-3 “Standard test procedure for special applications: footwear”.

The testing of the footwear can be carried out in 3 different climate classes. The lower the relative humidity, the more problematic the effects on the capability to carry the static charge away.

All WorkWay and/or RGB-SAFETY ESD shoes are approved per climate class 1 – preconditioning the shoe at max. 15 % relative humidity. Of the 3 climate classes, this test represents the highest requirements on the capability of the shoe to carry the static charge away. This ensures that the WorkWay and/or RGB-SAFETY ESD shoes meet the highest expectations of our customers in practical situations, even under difficult climatic conditions.

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