New KPU Upper Safety Trainer Shoes

Jan. 13,2016

New! The KPU Upper Safety Trainer Shoes Catalogue is available.

You can read it online or download the PDF file from our website. Click here  or 


What is KPU ?

KPU material is a thermoplastic material which has been widely used in famous sports shoes such as NIKE Air Max and Adidas.


What are the advantages of KPU upper ?

1. The upper, with its designed emboss is injection molded directly on the mesh laminated body. It’s a simple and highly efficient process as there is no need of stitching or adhering patterns or other designs.

2. KPU upper shoes are very popular with consumers because of the eye-catching, flexible, odorless, dirt and abrasion resistant features.

3. KPU material is non-poisonous, harmless and environmental friendly. It complies with requirements of Rohs, REACH, SGS and other international test standards. The formula can be adjusted to meet different requirements on density or hardness.


Key Features of KPU Safety Footwear:

●Breathable, comfortable and fashionable

●Good flexibility and tear strength

●Good tear strength

●Good abrasion resistance


●Do not lose colour

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