RGB-SAFETY Flyknit Safety Shoes

Apr. 19,2016

XIAMEN MERCURY RGB-SAFETY CORP. is working with the latest Flyknit technology to develop the most lightweight and comfortable safety footwear for work.

The Flyknit upper is designed to act like a natural extension of your leg to give you a second-skin fit. RGB-Safety Flyknit Shoes are super lightweight and super breathable, providing formfitting comfort and freedom to move fast at work.

Key Features of RGB-SAFETY Flyknit:

Marvelously Light. Flyknit replaces multiple stiched or glued panels with ultra-light yarn to dramatically reduce weight.

Marvelously Strong. Flyknit incorporates high strength fibers to provide maximum support wherever needed.

Marvelously Precise. Flyknit is precision-engineered stich by stich to create targeted zones of stretch and support for adaptive performance.

Marvelously Minimum Waste. The Flyknit approach contributes to drastically reducing waste for the earth.

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