Safety Shoes for Engineering Industry

Aug. 23,2018

Engineer boots

Working in the engineering industry involves the use of machinery, vehicles for workplace transport, electricity, contact with oily floors in engineering workshop, and manual handling of sharp edges.
Safety footwear that is with extra grip and can withstand extreme heat is essential when exposed to burns, cuts, falls and scrapes as well as lifting heavy objects.
Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazard boots are an essential piece of PPE for anyone working around electricity. This could be an electrical worker or someone who works around circuits or high voltage machinery. This footwear is manufactured with non-conductive, electrical shock-resistant soles and heels. These kinds of shoes prevent the worker from completing an electrical circuit; this can reduce the chance of electrocution.

Manual handling of sharp edges
Contact with sharp edges is routine in many engineering jobs. Those most at risk include operators of machines such as presses, guillotines, and steel-slitting lines, tool setters and maintenance workers.

Xiamen Mercury Safety Protection Technology Co., Ltd designs a diverse range of work boots and shoes for engineers and those in the industry to protect them every step of the way.

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